About WSSP-A certification

lake powell

Are you a water treatment professional looking for ways to help your customers make informed choices?  The Certified Water Softener Sustainability Professional/Arizona (CWSSP-A) certification program may be just what you’re looking for.

By earning your CWSSP-A credentials, you will be able to demonstrate your knowledge of the environmental problems we confront – and to apply the ideal solutions.  Doing so will help you show environmentally minded consumers that you take these issues seriously and know of the best ways to help them.  You will also be helping show policymakers that our industry is committed to finding answers that work for everyone.

Goals of the program

During a series of sessions, you will receive an overview of the general problems of salinity and water use.  By understanding the facts and background of these circumstances, we hope you will better appreciate the realities and be better able to communicate with others about them.  Then we discuss the best practices and equipment that are available to address these concerns.  Finally, you learn strategies to effectively help customers apply these approaches.

Requirements for certification

To receive your CWSSP-A certificate, you are required to attend four educational session.  After each session, a short quiz will be offered to help demonstrate your understanding of the coursework presented.  You will need to correctly answer at least 75 percent of each quiz.  At the completion of these activities, you will be presented your CWSSP-A certificate.

To learn more and begin the certification process, email info@wsspa.org.